AIDS Partnership with Africa (APA)

AIDS Partnership with Africa (APA), is a charity organisation entirely focused on those with or affected by AIDS in Africa. APA aims to promote a broad-spectrum response to AIDS, integrating prevention and care as top priorities. APA wants to help save lives, prevent human suffering, limit the devastating impact on human development, and the slide into critically low levels of poverty. APA wants to create an environment where children can realize their rights, including those of survival and development, health, education and protection from abuse and neglect.

APA recognise that families provide the best environment for children to be raised and supported through the emotional distress a child may have experienced. Advocacy on issues of justice, human rights and discrimination - in respect of children, gender, PLWAs, individuals, family, community will be taken up by APA both nationally and internationally at all levels and at every opportunity.

APA considers partnership with people in their cultural context as critical, and accompanying people through their cultural norms, towards an openness to address the crisis of AIDS in their way, through their culture rather than through imposed external solutions. APA ethos is to work with the local people within a region's social structure-medical, teachers, health, politicians, tribal chiefs, religious leaders, to educate them and provide them with the right support so that they can educate and support their local community.

APA will liase and coordinate resources and efforts with all who recognise AIDS as a priority and are determined to address the global crisis which AIDS is unleashing not just on the people of Africa but on the whole of our humanity.

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Holy Ghost Fathers, Kimmage Manor, Whitehall Road, Dublin 12.

By telephone: +353 1 4064316


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