Dublin City Volunteer Centre

At Dublin City Volunteer Centre...

  • Find out about volunteering opportunities without having to make a decision right now
  • Get information on a diverse range of volunteering opportunities
  • Talk to someone on the how, why and where of volunteering
  • Get ongoing support and advice
  • Access our services free of charge

We also help organisations...

  • If you need volunteers we will try to source the right volunteer for your organisation
  • We have an outreach service to help organisations identify and meet their volunteer needs
  • We are available to talk with you about developing volunteer policies, recruitment methods and best practices.

Dublin City Volunteer Centre serves Dublin Areas nos. 1 to 13, 17 and 20.

If you would like to find out about specific volunteering opportunities within this area or just want to find out more about the work of the Centre, get in touch.

Contact Information: 

Dublin City Volunteer Centre
Unit 4, Whitefriars
Aungier Street
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 473 74 82


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