Cork Feminist Collective

Cork Feminist Collective is an intersectional feminist, volunteer-led, donation-funded activist organisation founded in February 2017. We were previously known as Cork Feminista (founded by Linda Kelly and Jennifer DeWan in 2010.)

Mission Statement

Cork Feminist Collective is an intersectional feminist, volunteer-led activist group working with the community in the Cork area. We aim to welcome people of all ages, gender expressions, religions, ethnicities, disabilities and backgrounds. We stand in solidarity with other grassroots organisations who work towards a better and safer world for all people.


  • CFC promotes equality locally, nationally, and globally.
  • CFC promotes non-violence and works to eliminate violence against all genders.
  • CFC supports safe, legal and accessible contraception, family planning, including funding and access for minors. We are pro-choice and support the movement for the repeal of the 8th Amendment.
  • CFC is dedicated to achieving civil rights for all people, including affirmative action programs for women, people of colour and those living in direct provision.
  • CFC aims to promote education regarding feminism and feminist issues in Cork through discussion and practical outreach in the community.

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