Safe Ireland

Safe Ireland, formerly the National Network Women's Refugees and Support Services, recognises violence against women and children as a violation of their human rights and we work from the conviction that:

Women and their children have the right to live free from domestic violence.

Safe Ireland and its membership strive for the creation of a society that accepts its responsibility for the eradication of all forms of violence against women and their children. It seeks to bring about social change that will have positive and meaningful impacts on the lives of all women and children, especially those experiencing domestic violence.

Safe Ireland is a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Tax Exemption Status, (CHY No. 13064).

The two integral parts of the Safe Ireland service to its members are support and representation.

Through support of its members Safe Ireland delivers:

  • research on best practice
  • fora to discuss and develop solutions for issues which are of concern to members
  • the scale to undertake projects which would not be feasible for members to undertake alone
  • mentoring
  • Network Knowledge (e.g. the sharing of experience across the Network).

Through representation of its members Safe Ireland delivers:

  • a voice to both its members and women and children experiencing domestic violence on national and international committees
  • input into legislation and social policy that govern and administer social standards which affect women and children experiencing domestic violence
  • public exposure at a national level

Contact Information: 

Safe Ireland
Unit 5 Centre Court,
Blyry Business Park,
Co. Westmeath

Telephone: +353 (0)90 64 79078
Fax: +353 (0)90 6479090


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