Traveller Visibility Group (TVG)

The TVG is a Traveller-led Cork based organisation, which works within the philosophy and ethos of the National Community Development Programme supported by the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs.

The TVG brings together Travellers and settled people in solidarity, to facilitate community development work within the Travelling Community. The TVG recognises Travellers as a nomadic ethnic group with its own distinct culture and lifestyle.

We were formed in 1992 by a group of Traveller women concerned with the issues facing Travellers in Cork. The absence at that time of any community development work to facilitate Travellers in identifying and addressing these issues was one of concern.

Our work is based on the findings of research we commissioned in 1993, which was carried out by the Social Policy and Research Unit of University College Cork. This research was published and entitled "Making Travellers Visible, an account of the lived experience of Travellers in Cork; an examination of the services and unmet needs in Cork".

Our catchment area is Cork City and the suburban areas near the city.

Contact Information: 

Traveller Visibility Group
25 John Street, Cork

- tel: 021 4503786
- fax: 021 4503693


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