Abhaile Arís

Abhaile Arís based in Letterkenny, County Donegal, works with the Republican ex-Prisoner community to bring about their acceptance as equal members of Irish society. It is also our function to engage actively in discussions and projects with other community based groupings. Since our inception in 1998 we have initiated and played a leading role in many joint community-based projects whilst contributing positively with our time and resources to many more.

Abhaile Arís works with other such organisations throughout Ireland and in particular provides to support and highlight issues facing Republican ex-prisoners and families, people displaced as a result of the conflict and, more broadly, to individuals and groups within the community. Some of the services that we offer include:
- Drop-in Centre
- Info and Advice sessions
- Advocacy
- Social Economy Project
- Training and Education Courses
- Counselling

It is Abhaile Arís's belief that full reconciliation will not be achieved if political ex-prisoners have to hide the fact of their imprisonment. Irish society - north and south - needs to accept ex-prisoners as equal members. Through working for the republican ex-prisoner community, Abhaile Arís is committed to such full reconciliation.

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Abhaile Arís
22 Meadowbank, Letterkenny, County Donegal.

Phone 074 91 28610
Fax 074 91 28609


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