Senior Help Line

The Senior Help Line - launched in Summerhill, Co. Meath in February 1998 - provides opportunities for older people to talk to someone of their own age group for the price of a local call from anywhere in Ireland. Callers can talk to one of the older volunteers and all calls are taken in the strictest confidence.

The service is now operated by over 300 nationwide volunteers from 11 centres, who undertake a vigorous training course before operating the line. When the voice is that of an older person, enriched with the experience of life, with sensitivity and caring, the callers have the opportunity to express, to a sympathetic listener, the fears and worry of their lives or just have a chat about life in general. The reason for calls varies from loneliness, information seeking to fear and elder abuse.

Already calls for 2002 have nearly doubled for the same period last year and this increase is expected to continue rising.

Many of our callers are lonely and isolated, with many of them saying that they have a telephone but no one to call, and with this service they know there is someone at the other end of the line who cares and who has the time to listen.

Contact Information: 

Senior Help Line
Third Age Centre
Summerhill, County Meath

Phone/Fax Number: +353 (0)46 9557766
Help Line: 1850 440 444

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