The South East Domestic Violence Intervention Programme (SEDVIP)

The South East Domestic Violence Intervention Programme (SEDVIP) was set up as a regional initiative under the auspices of the South East Regional Planning Committee on Violence Against Women in response to the Report of the Task Force on Violence against Women (April 1997).

The primary aim in working with male perpetrators of Domestic violence is to promote the safety, rehabilitation and empowerment of women and children. Every intervention and decision in this work must be made with this in mind.

The SEDVIP adopts a twin approach to running the programme in the South East:

  1. Contact with the partner/ex-partner of the men who contact the programme in parallel with,
  2. A weekly group for male perpetrators.

Our Primary focus is always to increase the safety of women and children. To this end our multi agency approach holds the programme accountable in the following ways:

  • The use of a programme that works with the reduction of the man's violence through behavioural change (but only as a secondary objective)
  • The use of group based programmes that are informed by a gender analysis of power and control
  • The perpetrator programmes and partner support services are delivered by skilled facilitators with specialised training
  • Routine contact with women partners through our Women's Support Services and ongoing support for these women
  • There is a limit to the men's right to confidentiality
  • Communication processes between the providers of men's programmes and women's services is developed to a high level
  • On-going risk assessment and risk management is established as a routine part of the overall service
  • These programmes are not used as a diversion from other forms of sanctions.

The Programme operates out of its Head Office in Waterford and runs programmes in Carlow/KIlkenny, South Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford

Contact Information: 

C/o The Men's Development Network
30 O'Connell Street, Waterford

tel 051-844260

Regional Programme Contact Numbers
Carlow/Kilkenny: 086-8751131
South Tipperary: Kaye 052-77303 or Andrew 087-9156632
Waterford: 086-8167798
Wexford: Phil Lyons 053-42076, Fran O'Grady 086-1075449


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