Alice Leahy Trust

Alice Leahy Trust is a non-political,non-denominational voluntary body set up in 1975 as a private charitable trust (Charity No.CHY7014) to provide medical and related services for people who are homeless.

We work in premises provided at a nominal rent by the Iveagh Trust. Up to 30 men and women call each morning, the majority of whom are sleeping out (age 18 to 85). We see new people daily and often have people calling who were housed - settled- and become homeless again.

We provide help and friendship to those who are excluded and have gained some insight and understanding about what it means to be an outsider in Irish society today. Through our advocacy and education activities we seek to share that experience, especially with students and teachers, to help create a society in which everyone is made to feel welcome.

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Bride Road, Dublin 8.

Tel: 01-4543799
Fax: 01-4543799


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