Sexual Health Centre

Promoting and supporting your sexual health.

The Sexual Health Centre aims to:

  • Promote sexual wellbeing
  • Train people on sexual health and drugs awareness issues
  • Train young people to be peer educators
  • Support people with HIV
  • Support people with crisis pregnancies
  • Input into national policy development

The Sexual Health Centre has been involved in the field of AIDS & Sexual Health since 1987 by providing support services for people with HIV & their significant others and HIV prevention/education programmes. We

  • Provides training programmes & develops materials for young people, those working with young people in relation to sexual health and drugs.
  • Provides peer support through education and telephone Helpline services.
  • Provides personal support & counselling to people with HIV and their families in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Provides support and health advice to those who feel they have been involved in risky activities through Helpline services.
  • Provides outreach services to young people who are potentially at risk and who are not in contact with other services.
  • Participates in national and international meetings and networks in order to develop and maintain models of best practice.
  • Provides opportunities for community participation in SHC work.
  • Provides non directive three option pregnancy counselling.

Contact Information: 

The Sexual Health Centre
16 Peters Street, Cork.

Tel: 021 427 5837, 021 427 6676.


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