One in Four

One in Four exists to support and give voice to people who, as children and/or as adults have experienced sexual violence and to provide a space that by its very existence challenges feelings of shame and self blame. In the often perceived hopelessness and despair of such trauma the possibility of meeting others on the journey offers hope and encouragement.

As a service it respond to the needs of women and men who have experienced sexual violence whether it be as a adult, or as a child.

One in Four also provide support to individuals who have been or who are supporting someone who has experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual violence in childhood or as an adult.

One in Four provide multiple services to individuals, both directly and indirectly. Directly, through individual psychotherapy, group therapy, advocacy/support, open evenings, and 24 hour support through our online message boards. Indirectly through campaigning, policy making, in-house research, training, and consultancy work with statutory and non statutory agencies.

One in Four are a professional service in that it employs accredited trained psychotherapists and experienced qualified staff. While it is based in Dublin, we work on a national level and we will respond to calls nationwide.

Contact Information: 

One in Four
2 Holles Street , Dublin.

Tel: 01 - 6624070
Fax: 01 - 611 4650


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