Asthma Society of Ireland

The purpose of the Asthma Society is to provide information, advice and reassurance to people with asthma and their families, to act as advocate / representative for them, and to promote awareness and understanding of the condition amongst the general public. The Society is working towards a situation where people with asthma can realise their full potential, and not be at a disadvantage health-wise, socially or financially.

The Society's primary role is that of information-giver and educator. It also has a role in advocacy and in representing its members' interests in policy-making forums at national level.

Contact Information: 

Asthma Society of Ireland
42-42 Amiens Street, Dublin 1.

Tel: 01 - 817 8886

The Asthma Advice Line 1850 44 54 64 is available Monday - Friday 9am -5pm.

Booking messages may also be left outside these hours which will be returned the following working day.


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