Treoir (the Federation of Services for Unmarried Parents and their Children) is the national co-ordinating body of both statutory and voluntary agencies which provide services for unmarried parents and their children.

Our aims is to promote the welfare of and improve the standards of care for unmarried parents and their children.


  • To continue to provide and promote a professional, accessible, up-to-date information service to parents and those involved with them, in order to empower parents to access their rights and entitlements
  • To bring an awareness of issues affecting unmarried parents and their children to the general public
  • To continue lobbying for change in the laws and services to promote the rights and welfare of unmarried parents and their children
  • To become leaders in the areas of promoting co-parenting
  • To establish a national resource centre for workers with young parents
  • To maintain an involvement in the Longitudinal Study of Children in Ireland
  • To develop the membership of Treoir
  • To establish Treoir more firmly both financially and publicly.

Contact Information: 

14 Gandon House
Custom House Square, IFSC, Dublin 1.

National LoCall 1890 252 084
Phone: 01 - 6700 120
Fax: 01 - 6700 199


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