Forest Friends Ireland


The Earth is a fragile place. The viability of the Planet, it's biodiversity and cultural diversity and the ecosystems on which all life depends are in the balance.

Mankind is part of an ever increasing vulnerability.

Forest Friends/Cáirde na Coille was set up in 2001 with a global remit to help to save the rainforests, (the lungs of the world), and to campaign for the growth of local hardwoods.

Indigenous peoples are in need of protection from loggers. We have taken some small steps, but giant eco-steps are now urgently necessary to further develop the structures essential to complete our part of a universal mission.

We are working with new branches in Ghana and Senegal, which have rainforest and mangrove forests under constant threat. We invite readers to support us. Administrators, volunteers, donations and bequests are all necessary. There is now a very small window of opportunity, five to ten years to arrest the accelerating destruction.

So help our initiative to grow our own hardwoods and  'log off' the rainforests.

Contact Information: 

Forest Friends Ireland,
The Arts and Business Campus,
40 Lower Drumcondra Road,
Dublin 9,

Telephone: +353 (0) 87 619 8265


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