Engaging Dementia

After more than 22 years, Sonas apc will now go by the name: Engaging Dementia. The change comes with a new visual brand and website, launched on World Alzheimer’s Day.

Engaging Dementiac is a not-for-profit training organisation.

We provide specialised training to people who work with or care for older people with cognitive impairment.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of older people, particularly those with dementia or intellectual disabilities.

Our Aims

  • To activate the potential for communication that has been retained by the older person with communication impairment.
  • To encourage the creation of an environment which facilitates communication.
  • To have activation of potential for communication recognised and accepted as an essential part of care planning for older people.

Contact Information: 

Engaging Dementia
St Mary’s
201 Merrion Road
Dublin 4

Phone: 01 260 8138


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