Local Employment Service Network- Ballyfermot

The Principle Goal of Ballyfermot Local Employment Service is to progress clients into employment.

In dealing with all our clients, be they Job-Seekers or Employers, Ballyfermot Local Employment Service aims to:

  • Foster and encourage a climate of mutual regard and trust;
  • To recognise and acknowledge our clients individual competencies and abilities;
  • Appreciate and understand any cultural differences between our clients and ourselves;
  • To continually prioritise and re-prioritise our clients requirements in our work;
  • To respect and guard our clients privacy under both our statutory and LESN obligations.

The Service
In maintaining and developing Ballyfermot Local Employment Service we aim to build, sustain and promote an organisation which:

  • Is independent;
  • Is voluntary and confidential;
  • Is client and community centred;
  • Is focused on employment and training opportunities;
  • Responds in a dynamic and strategic fashion to the local situation;
  • Is appropriately resourced to meet the demands of our work;
  • Utilises its influence as a power-broker both locally and in the LESN to effect positive change;
  • Develops an organic structure prepared to meet any new challenges the Service may encounter;

The Staff
The staff of BLES will play the primary role of implementing the vision and ensuring that our clients receive a quality service. The following outlines the tenor of service all clients can expect to receive from members of the BLES team.

In their individual roles, each member of staff will be responsible for translating the dynamic and ethos of the service into tangible actions and results.

All members of staff will carry out their duties in a professional manner, with due regard being paid to standards of work; providing a coherent, uniform level of service and accountability to both clients and other members of the team.

Members of staff will be expected to positively contribute towards supporting other members of the team in both their daily work and the building of individual and collective competence.

Given the challenge facing our work, it is crucial that members of the team commit themselves to working practises, which contribute to creative and meaningful responses to our clients'situations. This end will be best served by a dynamic, motivated approach, with individual members of staff taking responsibility for their roles and using their initiative in relation to problem solving and decision making.

Cognisant of the social and economic background of our clients, individual members of staff will ensure that all interventions with clients are appropriate within the remit of the Service and that these interventions will be delivered only within the context of a professional relationship.

Contact Information: 

Local Employment Service Network - Ballyfermot
Office Manager
4 Drumfinn Park, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

Phone: 01 - 623 5612
Fax: 01 - 623 0922


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