Kimmage Development Studies Centre (DSC)

Since its foundation in 1974, the Development Studies Centre (DSC) has provided education and training for development professionals working in a range of occupations from over fifty countries.

The mission of DSC Kimmage is to promote critical thinking and action for justice, equality and the eradication of poverty in the world.

The DSC pursues its mission through the provision of education and training activities, which enable participants to engage critically with development issues and to work effectively for the holistic development of all, especially the most marginalized.

In this, the DSC forms an intercultural community encompassing people of different beliefs, experiences and backgrounds, seeing in this diversity a rich resource for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Within its educational activities and programmes, the DSC seeks to provide a sound theoretical approach and practical skills training to the highest standards. In doing so, it is aware of the necessity to achieve a balance between specialisation and integration, between dialogue and direction, and between academic rigour and attentiveness to student needs.

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Kimmage Development Studies Centre
Kimmage Manor
Whitehall Road
D12 P5YP

Tel: +353 (0)1 406 4386
Fax: +353 (0)1 406 4388


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