GMB College

GMB COLLEGE IS AN INDEPENDENT ORGANISATION WITHIN THE GMB FAMILY.  GMB College holds as its utmost the value that access to education is a human right. Education is central to the provision of and advocacy for human rights, dignity and equality for all.  Education facilitates access to and maintenance of sustainable employment benefitting the individual, their families and the community as a whole. Education is a lifelong pursuit and can be accessed at any stage in life.

GMB College promotes a positive attitude to education through the provision of high quality, customised and affordable education programmes, providing learners with accredited qualifications which are relevant to and recognised in the workplace.

GMB College promotes a positive attitude to learning through the provision of supports which

  • Promote the learner to access education
  • Supports and maintains the learner through their learning experience by practical support in terms of facilities and personnel
  • Supports the learner to utilise their newly learned skills through access to the workplace training, job seeking skills and the application of and updating of their skills while in the workplace through the provision of ongoing contact and updates.

GMB College promotes personal development and progression in the workplace in order to promote personal development and security of tenure/sustainability in their employment by the provision of

  • Relevant education and training workshops which will promote life long learning,
  • Updating and up skilling programmes customised to the learners working life

GMB College, in pursuit of good communication and relationship, not just with workers but also with employers also provides education and training to employers to promote awareness and understanding in

  • New areas of employment legislation
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Conflict resolution and industrial relations
  • Workplace skills updates.

GMB College provides a learning environment that is relevant, accessible, adaptable and conducive to the facilitation of excellent learning.

GMB College welcomes learners from all sectors of the community because we value that learning together enriches the learning experience.  GMB College welcomes diversity in life experience, ability, ethnic origin, cultural and family backgrounds, religious belief, gender identity and educational abilities and educational achievements.

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GMB College
Education & Upskilling
14, Mount Street Upper,
Dublin D02EY24


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