Release Communication Intervention

Release Communication Intervention teaches caregivers, teachers, special needs assistants and children techniques from speech and language therapy and occupational exercises, to early intervention and oral motor therapy.

Release has a proven holistic approach to Communication Intervention, incorporating Speech and Language Therapy with Occupational Exercises, Early Intervention, and Oral Motor Therapy to make significant strides helping children combat communication difficulties.

Caregivers can choose from a range of services Release offers: from weekly one-hour courses , to night classes on a specific topic. Release also works with schools, service providers and charitable organisations specifically to meet the organisation's individual needs.

Release's model is proven in both private classes as well as in Health Service Executive schools and programmes with over 90% of participants finding the Programme extremely helpful to both their child and themselves.

The Release model is a combination of current best practice approaches to speech therapy developed world-wide. The therapy is provided in a small group sessions made up of two to six children + parents for one hour a week for a duration of nine weeks. Release will hold up to five private sessions annually. You decide which and how many you would like to attend.

Caregivers are the top priority of Release and are included throughout the programme, starting with the initial assessment, and continuing in the class therapy and in daily homework. The Release integrated approach will empower caregivers with the ability to learn the skills and motivational techniques they need to help their children in a group environment.

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Release Communication Intervention
St Mary's Secondary School, Haddington Rd., Dublin 4

Tel: 01 - 667 80 84


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