Parkinson's Association of Ireland

Parkinson's Association of Ireland is a charity based in Dublin, with branches throughout the country.

Our aims:

  • to help and support patients and carers by developing a support network of branches throughout the country
  • to make information available to patients and their families through seminars, newsletters and branch meetings on both a national and local level
  • to facilitate easy access to all appropriate services for people with Parkinson's and to lobby to improve those services
  • to help establish a network of PDNS, within a multidisciplinary setting, each in association with a neurologist and or a geriatrician
  • to promote and encourage research into Parkinson's.

We do this through educating the public and raising awareness of - and therefore hopefully - a greater understanding of and acceptance of - Parkinson's.

Contact Information: 

Parkinson's Association of Ireland
Carmichael House
North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7.

Office Telephone:  01 - 8722234
Fax: 01 - 8725540
Freephone Helpline: 1800 359 359


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