National Council for the Blind of Ireland

NCBI community-based staff advise on entitlements and offer a range of individually tailored solutions to meet people's particular needs at a given time.

Through mobility training people can learn to move around again safely by being shown how to use their residual vision to its maximum or through the use of a long cane

NCBI staff can help restore a person's confidence in their application of common-sense solutions in coping with household chores and tasks of daily living.

Holiday's, outings, group activities and respite breaks are organised by NCBI staff who are supported by volunteers.

Counselling can be made available in circumstances where individuals and families require particular assistance from staff skilled in the use of family therapy.

NCBI can also make available the unique skills of blind and visually impaired volunteers who work with our professional staff as qualified peer counsellors. These counsellors have, themselves, experienced sight loss to varying degrees from different causes and at different stages in their lives and careers.

Contact Information: 

Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

- Telephone: +353 - (0)1 8307033
- Save Phone: 1850 33 433 53
- Fax: +353 - (0)1 830 7787


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