Epilepsy Ireland

Epilepsy Ireland (previously Brainwave - The Irish Epilepsy Association) was established in 1967 by a group of individuals concerned to improve the quality of life of people with epilepsy in Ireland.

Epilepsy Ireland is committed to working for everyone with epilepsy in Ireland; their family and carers, and to meeting their needs.

  • To provide support, information, counselling and advice to people with epilepsy.
  • To provide information and advice to health professionals in dealing with epilepsy.
  • To improve public understanding of epilepsy (in order to eliminate fear and prejudice) through awareness campaigns and education programmes.
  • To undertake, encourage and assist research into the causes of, cure for and management of epilepsy and into the social and psychological effects of the condition.
  • To promote legislative and civil rights for people with epilepsy and to campaign to eliminate all discriminatory practices and policies affecting them.
  • To assist in the development of support groups for people with epilepsy in the area of training and employment.
  • To provide information on issues related to driving: insurance, changing legislation.
  • To provide practical aids to people with epilepsy (pillows, bracelets).
  • To operate as a public forum and an advocate for the condition of epilepsy.
  • To raise funds to support its work in an awareness-creating manner.

Contact Information: 

Epilepsy Ireland
249 Crumlin Road,
Dublin 12

Tel: 01 455 75 00
fax: 01 455 70 13


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