Respond! Voluntary Housing Association

Respond!'s Objectives:
Respond!'s work is aimed at creating vibrant, integrated, self-managed and self-reliant communities rather than simply providing shelter or accommodation.

Respond!'s sees this as being achieved through:

  • The provision of high quality, sustainable physical environments.
  • Training and Empowerment of local people including pre-tenancy courses to help provide the skills required to manage an estate.
  • Ongoing training on issues including child-care, health & safety, mediation and committee skills.
  • The development of job-creation opportunities.
  • Effective management systems which incorporate resident participation and community development as a mechanism for social cohesion.
  • Policy development and analysis at local, national and european levels.
  • Partnership with the statutory, private and non-governmental sectors with a view to the integration of services to, and within local communities.

Contact Information: 

Head Office:
Airmount, Dominic Place, Waterford.

Tel: 051 840200


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