North West Alcohol Forum Ltd

The North West Alcohol Forum Ltd is a Community initiative working to reduce of harmful drinking in the North West.

The North West Alcohol Forum Ltd is a not for profit company tackling alcohol related harms in the North West of Ireland. We work to prevent and reduce the incidence of alcohol-related harm and to increase the availability and quality of education and training programmes and services available to the communities of the North West and cross border.

We provide information, prevention and education programmes and encourages dialogue on a range of public policy issues affected by alcohol. These include public health, road safety youth and Families, mental health and advertising in sport.

The NWAF Ltd Ireland as a NGO aims to:

  • Recognise the importance of multi sectoral action and the pivotal role of local communities in developing mutually accepted comprehensive policies and programmes for the prevention and management of alcohol related harm.
  • Promote community mobilisation as an effective approach in tackling alcohol related harm within our local communities.
  • Ensure effective implementation of evidenced based action to prevent the health risks and socioeconomic problems often associated with harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption on the island of Ireland.
  • Within the island of Ireland invite intergovernmental and nongovernmental organisations to join forces in collective action thereby maximising and contributing to a border-wide effort in reducing harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption and related health and social problems.


  • To Reduce harmful drinking in the North West of region of Ireland while being cognisant of the national, European and international agenda.
  • To help reduce alcohol related harm and therefore benefit the community of the North West of Ireland.
  • To build capacity in the community to respond to alcohol misuse and related harm.
  • The advancement of education in relation to the harmful effects of alcohol in the North West of Ireland.
  • To increase understanding of the impact of inappropriate alcohol use on the health and well-being of the community and of the public policies necessary to reduce the problems associated with such use.
  • To promote a sensible attitude to alcohol among Irish citizens.
  • To contribute to a balanced understanding and debate on alcohol issues/policy on a national and european stage.

Contact Information: 

North West Alcohol Forum Ltd
Unit B9, Enterprise Fund Business Centre, Ballyraine, Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

Telephone: +353 (0)74 91 25596


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