Family Resource Centre National Forum

The Family Resource Centre National Forum is a support network working with Family Resource Centres throughout Ireland. The aim of the Forum is to represent the views of all Family Resource Centres nationally and provide practical support to Family Resource Centres involved in family support and social inclusion initiatives.

In using the term 'family support' the Forum is referring to a set of beliefs and an approach to strengthening and empowering families and communities so that they can foster the development of children, youth and family members.


  • Influencing national policy on family support through participation of the Forum in key organisational and inter-agency fora
  • Promoting inclusive family support practice and provision within a community development context
  • Informing the future development of the Family & Community Services Resource Centre Programme
  • Providing guidance and leadership in the development of appropriate systems of support for members
  • Supporting FRCNF members through the development an effective organisational capacity
  • Securing adequate sources of revenue to sustain the FRCNF’s mission and strategic goals
  • Creating a high level of awareness of the FRCNF and its work at a national level.

Contact Information: 

Family Resource Centre National Forum
c/o Ballyboden FRC
29 Whitechurch Way, Whitechurch, Ballyboden, Dublin 16

Phone: (01) 493 5953


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