Dublin Docklands Development Authority

The Dublin Docklands Development Authority was created by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act 1997 to lead a major project of physical, social and economic regeneration in the East side of Dublin.

Our mission statement
We will develop Dublin Docklands into a world-class city quarter - a paragon of sustainable inner city regeneration - one in which the whole community enjoys the highest standards of access to education, employment, housing and social amenity and which delivers a major contribution to the social and economic prosperity of Dublin and the whole of Ireland.

The Docklands Area is broadly made up of five residential communities stretching from East Wall, North Strand, Sheriff St/North Wall on the Northside and City Quay/Pearse Street, Ringsend/Irishtown on the Southside.

To maximise suitable employment and educational opportunities in the Area intensive consultation took place between the Authority and the local community. Following these consultations the Authority initiated its concept of life long learning (Saol Scoil) in the following areas of development:
- Pre-Primary
- Primary
- Secondary
- Third Level Education
- Stimulate parental commitment
- Facilitate mature/second time learners
- Working for life
- Vocational training
- Community support and development.

There are currently 41 programmes being run by the Authority, through its Social Regeneration Unit. The expansion of current programmes and the establishment of further initiatives in the areas of education and employment is the key to the social regeneration of the Docklands Area and is thus one of the major challenges facing the Docklands Authority.

Contact Information: 

Dublin Docklands Development Authority
Custom House Quay, Dublin 1.

Tel: 01 222 6070


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