DESSA - Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency

DESSA will pursue the active involvement and full participation of people with disabilities in society by delivering strategic supports to Community Development Projects and Family Resource Centres.

Strategic Aims

1. Developing Skills and Knowledge

  • Facilitate community projects in learning about disability issues and the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Support community projects in identifying their own skills and development needs around disability issues.
  • Enable projects to identify the participatory needs of people with disabilities.
  • Enable projects to make better use of the legislative equality framework.

2. Networking

  • Network with organisations of people with disabilities.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities between community projects and organisations of people with disabilities.
  • Build working relationships with relevant agencies in the community, voluntary and statutory sector.

3. Policy Development

  • Develop and distribute disability/equality codes of practice.
  • Participate in the development of disability policy within the Programmes.
  • Commission research on disability issues.

Contact Information: 

Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency,
C/O Thomas Court Centre, 
26 Hanbury Lane, 
Dublin 8

Tel: 087 353 4432


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