Common Purpose

Common Purpose finds leaders everywhere from all ages, backgrounds and in every sector - private, public and not-for-profit and we bring them together to learn from each other and begin to understand they have a common goal.

We have identified a need for greater connections amongst leaders in society. There are problems that affect all of our businesses and personal lives that cannot be solved by one person or organisation. The response requires a more concerted effort. That is where Common Purpose and our leadership programmes fit. We provide people with knowledge and networks they need to tackle old problems in new ways. We give leaders an understanding of where they fit into the bigger picture and how to influence people who see the world in a different way.

More than 150 organisations in Dublin have put people through a Common Purpose programme and we recently established a programme in Cork. Graduates consistently say they have gained benefits such as:
- broader perspective
- better decision-making
- new ways of thinking
- personal satisfaction.

Our programmes are unique because they are deliberately cross-sector, they are locally rooted and draw on real problems.

Whether you are already a leader or are on your way to becoming one Common Purpose has a programme for you. See how you can gain new competencies through an innovate approach to leadership development, how your organisation can benefit from stronger, more inspired, better-networked leaders who are closer to the community and how we can all benefit from cross-sector understanding and initiative.

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Common Purpose
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