Migrants Rights Centre Ireland

The Migrants Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) is a national, rights based voluntary organisation.

The MRCI mission statement is to:
Contribute to the development of a sustainable, intercultural society which respects and promotes cultural diversity and empowers migrant workers to enjoy their rights and participate fully in all aspects of social, economic cultural and political life in Ireland. Through the provision of services and information support of collective initiatives and engagement with policy development, the MRCI seeks to remove the boundaries and build solidarity and challenge the racism, exploitation, prejudice and inequalities experienced by migrant workers.


  • Give advice and information about your employment and social rights as a migrant worker in Ireland.
  • Help you get your rights if you are discriminated against or treated unfairly.
  • Bring migrant workers together to discuss and take action on issues that concern them.
  • Lobby Government to make changes in laws and policies affecting migrant workers.
  • Publicise the positive contribution migrant workers are making to Irish Society.

Contact Information: 

Migrants Rights Centre Ireland
37 Dame Street, Dublin 2

Tel 01 889 7570
Fax 01 889 7579


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