Latin America Solidarity Centre (LASC)

The Latin America Solidarity Centre is an initiative for development education, cultural promotion and campaigning solidarity, linking Ireland and Latin America.

LASC believes in a Latin America and a Ireland based on equality, social justice and an equal expression of cultural, social, political and economic rights for all human beings.

LASC's mission is to challenge the current economic and social injustices in Latin America and Ireland by engaging in public awareness raising, education, information exchanges and campaigns in solidarity with the people of Latin America.

LASC's Principles
LASC works for real social change in Ireland and Latin America. We believe that peace with justice and equality for all can come only through genuine participation of everyone in society's decision making.

LASC campaigns for the human rights of all people whatever their political alignments. In particular, LASC focuses on oppressed, marginalised and disadvantaged groups.

LASC's solidarity is an expression of empathy and common purpose with those in struggle for social justice. LASC demonstrates this through active engagement as equals with those working for this change in Ireland and Latin America.

LASC believes that a critical analysis of the causes of global poverty and justice is essential for real change. We want to learn about - and to raise awareness of - issues linking Latin America to Ireland. We recognise that education is a key component of change and we believe in an educational process that places the learner at its centre and that uses participatory methods.

Contact Information: 

Artst and Business Campus,
40 Drumcondra Road Lower
Dublin 9,

Phone: +353 +1 676 0435
Fax: +353 +1 662 1784


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