Immigrant Council of Ireland

The Immigrant Council of Ireland is an independent organisation working with and for immigrants in promoting their rights through information, advocacy and awareness.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland believes that:

  • Immigration to Ireland is a permanent reality and one which will enhance our country and nation.
  • cultural and ehtnic diversity should be respected and supported.
  • immigrants and immigrant communities in Ireland should be empowered to improve their quality of life.
  • Ireland should comply with international laws, obligations and undertakings in relation to immigration.
  • Legislation should be humane and just.
  • Information provided to immigrants should be readily accessible, accurate, clear, objective and practical.

The Immigrant Council provides a free information and legal advice service, has produced a Handbook on Immigrants - Rights and Entitlements in Ireland, provides training and is involved in policy development and lobbying in the area of immigration and immigrants' rights.

The vision of the Immigrant Council of Ireland is that all people seeking to live in, living in or travelling to Ireland are guaranteed their human rights.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland also has two other publications currently available. These are:

- Labour Migration into Ireland (2003): This publication provides information on Ireland's labour immigration policy, reviews labour immigration policy in other countries, and concludes with recommendations on how the Irish labour migration system can be improved.

- Voices of Immigrants, the Challenges of Inclusion (2004): this research report gives a voice to immigrants and their families who are living in Ireland. It involved in-depth discussions with 22 immigrants in order to explore their experiences including:
their reasons for coming to Ireland, what it is like to work away from home, issues relating to family and community, issues of concern to women and experiences of racism and attitudes of the Irish.

Contact Information: 

Immigrant Council of Ireland
2 St. Andrew Street, Dublin 2.

(01) 6740200 - ICI's Information Service for immigration related queries.
(01) 6740202 - ICI general Switchboard


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