i-Smile Ireland

About i-Smile Ireland

i-Smile International (Ireland)  is a non-profit organisation set up to reduce isolation, improve confidence and increase participation of migrant women in mainstream society, enabling them enjoy the social, financial and legal inclusion they need to smile to a positive future.

  • Our Belief

We believe that every individual has the ability to create their own positive future when offered a supportive environment

  • Our Vision:

An inclusive Ireland where every woman is valued equally and enjoys the opportunity, confidence and capability to create her own positive future.

  • Our Mission:

To inspire and empower migrant women through connecting them to support programs and networks that enables them develop their capability to create their own positive future.

We achieve this by:

  • Collecting relevant data in order to design effective programmes influence policy
  • Ensuring equality and fairness for all migrant women through strategic advocacy
  • Celebrating positive contributions and leadership development of migrant women in Ireland
  • Motivating young migrant women to contribute to community building through volunteering
  • Promoting education, training and professional development
  • Mentoring and Information dissemination
  • Supporting entrepreneurship as a mechanism for social inclusion
  • Providing a forum for women to socialise and have open discussions on matters of interest and concern to them
  • Organising health and well-being activities for women

Our Core Values:

  • Respect and Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Compassion

i-Smile Ireland Projects:

Women’s Oasis

An initiative set up to provide a platform where women’s hearts are nourished and their lives enriched. We meet monthly to learn, find support, grow, brainstorm problems, discover new ideas, encourage each other to greatness and find the self-help in a supportive and fun setting.

Mulhuddart Walk and Talk Group:

An i-Smile Initiative sponsored by the Fingal County Council to promote learning, reduce isolation and provide networking opportunities while getting fit at the same time. We meet at the Mulhuddart Centre every Tuesday morning at 9:30am.

Free Your Mind Project:

We all experience pressure at some point in our lives and we need it to motivate us. However, too much pressure can lead to stress. The Free your mind project aims to support participants to de-stress and live their best possible life. Through comedy, relaxation techniques, professional advice, music and information we empower participants to make positive lifestyle changes so they can smile to a better future.

Women in  Enterprise Network:

The Women in Enterprise Network offers business support for migrant women who have or plan to start their own businesses offering them the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, promote themselves and their businesses, build existing business relationships and make new contacts, learn from the experience of others, find support and pick up fresh ideas.

The Network meetings take place on the third Wednesday of every month to encourage and support like-minded women who wish to explore the option of self-employment. We understand that going into business can be lonely and complex but with enterprise training, mentoring and peer group networking we aim to give members the confidence and reassurance they need to be their own boss.

Contact Information: 

98, Avondale Park,
Dublin 15,
Republic of Ireland
087 9641 229


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