Sarah Bird Foundation

The Sarah Bird Foundation (CHY 20691) was established in 2014 to provide trauma healing to the survivors of conflict and natural disaster who are still experiencing the emotional and mental impact of their experience. We are based in Dublin and work in Ireland and internationally with individuals, groups and communities.


  1. To facilitate the process of transformation by engaging with individuals and communities affected by conflict and natural disaster.
  2. To work with and educate those affected by providing proven techniques adapted for particular situations and cultural sensitivities that deliver long-term relief from stress and trauma. And which open the inner doorway so bringing the person to a place of self-empowerment and authentic well being.
  3. To create opportunities for individuals, organisations and communities to connect with and learn from each other.
  4. To foster community building and collaboration.
  5. To support individuals and organisations working with those affected by stress, trauma, conflict and natural disaster by teaching them the skills to alleviate the symptoms of compassion fatigue.
  6. To provide facilitator training programmes to key individuals, with the object to impart skills required to ensure the long-term impact and sustainability of their efforts in their communities, of the SBF and its recipients world-wide.

What people say about our work; “It gave me part of my life back”,  “I don’t have bad dreams at night anymore”

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Contact Information: 

Telephone: 01 902 3622 or 087 219 3343


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