Rosbrien Education and Substance Misuse Information Network (RESIN)

Rosbrien Education and Substance Information Network (RESIN) Support young people and their families in Our Lady Of Lourdes community to make informed choices towards a healthier lifestyle and promote a sense of community. The values underpinning our work include: Participation, Consultation, and Equality.

To contribute to and enhance education training and information on substance use / misuse in the local community.

To contribute to relevant Networks with a view to influencing policy decisions which impact on the Community.

To develop and maintain an efficient RESIN group that will engage the views.


  • Explore new innovative education / training programmes
  • Design and deliver a programme of activities
  • Design and deliver a range of drug and alcohol education and training programmes
  • Encourage local participation
  • Regular information days at local level min of 2 per year
  • Compile a list of provision of course and training within the community
  • Identify gaps in provision
  • Explore new and innovative programme
  • Develop an innovative approach to providing access to user friendly information in relation to alcohol and drugs
  • Network with other community drug projects at local regional and national level.

Contact Information: 

49 Clarina Court
Ballinacurra Weston

Tel 061 318370


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