Plan Ireland

Established in 2003, Plan Ireland is a child-centred community development organisation, part of Plan International which itself was founded over 76 years ago. It is an independent organisation with no religious, political or governmental affiliations.

Plan is one of the oldest and largest international development agencies in the world. It currently works in 52 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas directly supporting more than 56,000,000 children and their families, in over 90,220 communities across the developing world.

Plan Ireland receives tremendous support from the Irish public,  almost 7,000 of whom sponsor children.

Vision for Children

Plan’s vision is of a world in which all children realise their full potential in societies which respect people’s rights and dignities.

Plan's Approach

Plan adopts a child-centred community development (CCCD) approach in all its work which has as its central tenet that children, families and communities are encouraged and enabled to become active and leading participants in their own development.

This approach enhances their ability and opportunity to work together with others to address the causes and consequences of child poverty at all levels. Plan’s CCCD approach is guided by the UN’s Convention on the 'Rights of the Child'.

Plan's Mission for Children

Plan strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in developing countries through a process that unites people across cultures and adds meaning and value to their lives by:

  • Enabling deprived children, their families and their communities to meet their basic needs and to increase their ability to participate in and benefit from their societies.
  • Building relationships to increase understanding and unity among people of different cultures and countries.
  • Promoting the rights and interests of the world’s children.

Contact Information: 

Plan Ireland
126 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

Tel. 01 659 96 01


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