Co-operation Ireland

Co-operation Ireland is an independent voluntary organisation which promotes improved relations between the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Co-operation Ireland is the only non-governmental cross-border cross community organisation promoting relationship building between people North and South.

We believe that a lasting peace can only be achieved when people respect, trust and understand one another. People will always be different but they should recognise these differences positively instead of letting them be a barrier to mutually beneficial partnerships. Our programmes provide pratical co-operation for schools, communities and businesses. Through these programmes, barriers are gradually broken down enabling relationships to be formed and stereotypes to be discarded. We work with real people, addressing real issues, catalysing real change.

Please help us make peace work now and for future generations. Helps us make images of conflict and suffering a thing of the past. Help us build trust and hope. Help us build peace.

Contact Information: 

Co-operation Ireland
(Dublin Office)
Lower Ground Floor, Port Centre, Alexandra Road, Dublin 1
- Tel (01) 819 7692
- Fax (01) 894 4962

(Belfast Office)
5 Weavers Court Business Park, Linfield Road, Belfast BT12 5GH
- Tel (028) 9032 1462
- Fax (028) 9089 1000


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