One for Ireland

One for Ireland is a nationwide fundraising movement that is going to raise €1 million for Youth Homelessness in a day. In doing so, One for Ireland will give the people of Ireland the chance to give €1 to charity on 29th April. However with awareness and understanding, we want the impact of each person go much further than just €1.

By bringing together all the homeless charities in Ireland, creating a new advocacy movement and funding solutions based on our own unique research and insights, our mission is to ensure that Youth homelessness falls by 60% in the next year.

On 29th April, we hope to raise €1 million from donations through retailers, mobile, online and many more platforms. We have divided Ireland into 9 regions and a percentage of the funds raised will be assigned to each one, going to one of our partners (Focus Ireland, The Simon Community, St Vincent de Paul, The Peter McVerry Trust, Threshold or Barnardos) in each region.

The reason for our focus on Youth Homelessness is because if you are a child who was homeless or in state care, you are 9 times more likely to become homeless in your lifetime. If you grow up without a home or a real family, you never feel that security that allows us to pursue opportunities elsewhere in life. Your development both socially and organisationally is massively hindered. Although it’s a tough way to put it, to a large extent, these are the future homeless. If we can stop them and the generation behind them getting there, this could go a long way towards preventing Homelessness on a greater scale.

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Irish Youth Foundation
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Tel: + 353 1 676 6535


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