SERVE in Solidarity

Mission Statement

‘To work in partnership to strengthen the livelihoods of young people and communities living in poverty by providing high quality vocational and educational learning opportunities, helping young people gain employment or start and develop their own businesses.’

Aims & Objectives / Areas of Work

SERVE is a development and volunteering organisation committed to tackling the root causes of poverty to achieve justice, equality and opportunities for all.  Since 2003 SERVE has worked in solidarity with communities living in poverty, supporting initiatives in Southern Africa, South-East Asia and South America.

Inspired by the belief that ‘Solidarity In Action’ can improve the lives of the most vulnerable, SERVE works in partnership with local communities and organisations. Our work is rooted in strategic cooperation with Irish communities at home and abroad.

SERVEs volunteers have worked on many programme with our overseas partners from youth work, education, HIV/AIDs treatment, gender equality, human rights, construction/refurbishment and capacity building among many other areas of work.

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