Kids' Own Publishing Partnership

Kids' Own Publishing Partnership is an initiative to validate children's creative skills as writers and illustrators and bring a rich arts experience to young people.

We publish high quality materials written and illustrated by children for other readers.

The first edition publications are produced through hands-on print using silk screen and other print media. Some titles are then reprinted, distributed and sold in bookshops.
Our aims:

  • To promote reading including a visual literacy
  • To engage children in the creative process of working together towards a shared outcome
  • To produce a limited edition of a publication in each project
  • To stimulate publishing in schools beyond the boundaries of the project
  • To reach those who may otherwise have limited access to arts projects
  • To edit and reprint publications which fulfil wider curriculum criteria and distribute these to a wider audience either through the Internet or conventional printing
  • To evaluate and develop the publications as models for extending children's experience as readers and writers and illustrators.

Contact Information: 

Kids' Own Publishing Partnership
Carrigeens, Ballinful, Co. Sligo.

tel: 071  91 24945
to e-mail us please use form at

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