Irish Architecture Foundation

The Irish Architecture Foundation’s role is to be a vibrant and passionate organisation that excites its audiences about the value of architecture. We are a focal point for the many people and organisations who wish to champion the power of architecture and urban design.

We co-ordinate the promotion of Irish architecture internationally. We produce and support architectural events that stimulate and empower the public, including the highly popular Open House Dublin weekend, Ireland’s largest architectural event. Open House Dublin attracts audiences of up to 15,000 over one weekend and gives citizens unrivalled access to the buildings, spaces and landscapes that make up our urban environment

We research the boundaries of architecture. We are impartial and independent and seek to challenge the perceptions of the built environment through public debate, events, exhibitions and this website. We believe that architecture has the power to transform lives.

Established in 2005, the IAF is all about promoting a better built environment for everyone’s benefit. We strive for an Ireland in which the importance of architecture is widely acknowledged, and in which people are able to relate to and influence the built world around them, and where high standards of architectural design are appreciated by all.

We speak openly about buildings, the spaces in and around buildings and how they impact on people. We speak freely about the shaping of those spaces, and the effects those spaces have on users. We speak independently about what architecture is, what architecture does, and what the best architecture can and should do.

We stay alert to trends, new directions and the issues facing architecture both nationally and internationally, and we put these to the people in a programme of exhibitions, talks, events and conversations on the web that aims to inspire and trigger debate. We provide a forum for communities to exchange opinion, knowledge and experience about the architecture around them.

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Irish Architecture Foundation
15 Bachelor's Walk
Dublin 1, Ireland
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Tel: +353 1 874 7200


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