The Common Ground

The primary mission of The Common Ground is to promote and develop participation in the arts, as a means towards continually regenerating and affirming our community life. The Common Ground will act as a resource for all people resident within the Bluebell, Inchicore, Rialto and Kilmainham area and is concerned with developing relationships, deepening cultural understandings and practical co-operation with other communities and sectors of interest.

The Common Ground endeavours to achieve the above aims by:

  • acknowledging its particular concern for children and young people and those organisations at local level, working to develop positive visions and responses to the challenges of community life.
  • developing natural and mutually supportive relationships with artists, animators and arts organisations. This will always be a vital issue for The Common Ground, and one it is prepared to be particularly experimental with in the early years.
  • promoting respect for all cultural traditions present within our community and fostering inter-cultural learning and collective practises through the arts.
  • responding to the particular needs of people with disabilities and other sections of our community, who continue to be marginalised, is a challenge The Common Ground will work at in a committed way.
  • acting strategically and in a planned and integrated manner, as properly conceived arts provision and support services are best realised through long-term partnership arrangements.
  • delivering quality provision, high standards of practise and sustainable development within the community, which will be underpinned by a commitment to ongoing research, evaluation and social auditing.

Contact Information: 

The Common Ground
Goldenbridge Integrated Services Complex
St Vincent Street West
Dublin 8

Tel 01: 7078766


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