Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP)

The Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP) focuses on four main areas: Cultural Diversity, Artistic Entrepreneurship, Innovation in the Arts and Advocacy & Research.

The Centre for Creative Practices, CFCP, founded in September 2009, is the only arts organisation in Ireland dedicated to connecting, integrating and promoting migrant, experimental and emerging artists among the local arts scene and audiences.

The Centre for Creative Practices aims to lead intercultural arts and shape cultural diversity arts practice in Ireland. CFCP is recognised as playing is a significant leadership role in the arts and cultural diversity infrastructure of the country by having a clear artistic vision, value and approach towards cultural diversity and the arts.

The Centre for Creative Practices runs a number of events during the week. these range from exhibitions, music concerts, performances, film screenings, talks and comedy. See our dedicated events page for more details. Our events not only give audiences a chance to see something different but also give visibility to our core group of migrant, experimental and emerging artists.

Contact Information: 

The Old Milking Parlour, Ballymurrin Lower
Kilbride, Wicklow, Ireland

Tel: 086 608 4020
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cfcp2
Twitter: @cfcp


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