Vegan Ireland

The Vegan Society of Ireland was formed in 2009 by a group of vegans concerned with the promotion of the vegan philosophy and ethics in Ireland.
Vegan Ireland is a nonprofit and voluntary organisation.

The aims and objectives of Vegan Ireland: the Vegan Society of Ireland are as follows:

  • To offer support and information to people interested in veganism.
  • To promote and increase awareness of veganism as a just, healthy and environmentally-beneficial lifestyle choice.
  • To raise awareness of the rights violations and exploitation involved with the production of animal based products.
  • To research information relevant to a vegan lifestyle and where appropriate to publish this information.
  • To lobby for manufacturers to use non-animal based materials in their products.
  • To support and promote real science and reject vivisection on moral and scientific grounds.
  • To promote respect towards all animals, human or nonhuman, and the environment by appropriate means.
  • To develop and maintain positive relationships with organisations with compatible aims and objectives to Vegan Ireland: the Vegan Society of Ireland.

Contact Information: 

Vegan Ireland
12 Mountjoy Square,
Dublin 1.


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