Foróige Blanchardstown Youth Services: Volunteers Needed

Volunteer with Foróige Dublin 15! Join an existing club or help set up a new club in your area. Here at Foróige Blanchardstown Youth Services, we are always looking for new volunteers to help support existing clubs and projects while also helping to create new clubs in your local area.

There are opportunities to move further up the organisational ladder when volunteering with Foróige. You can participate nationally, regionally, and locally in volunteer structures within the organisation. Continuous support is given from our club support staff, with the scope to upskill with advanced training.

Volunteer by giving as little as 1-2 hours a week, every week. Contact Adam for more information. or by mobile on 086 600 8526

About Foróige

Foróige is the leading youth development organisation in Ireland and we have been working with young people since 1952! We empower young people to develop their own abilities and attributes, to think for themselves, to make things happen and to contribute to their community and society. As a result, they develop increased self confidence, self-reliance, resilience and a greater capacity to take charge of their lives. It’s what happy, thriving societies need.

Our purpose is to enable young people to involve themselves consciously and actively in their development and in the development of society.

We work with almost 60,000 young people aged 10-18 every year through volunteer-led clubs and staff-led youth projects. Foróige currently operates in 26 counties in Ireland, with over 600 Foróige Clubs, 150 youth projects, the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring programme, the Foróige NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship programme, our Youth Citizenship and Youth Leadership programmes!

Foróige works with all young people through our general services. We also work with vulnerable young people who require additional support through a full range of targeted services. Foróige Clubs, special interest groups, volunteer-led youth cafés, feeder clubs and youth fora encourage young people to take responsibility for themselves and to be part of shaping the world around them while developing their talents, skills and character. They also get to have a really great time along the way!

Targeted services such as Garda Youth Diversion Projects, Teen Parent Support Programmes and Neighbourhood Youth Projects, help young people to deal with issues associated with poverty, marginalisation and social exclusion, under-achievement at school, early school leaving, youth crime, substance abuse and family difficulties in a safe friendly environment.


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