Care Leavers Ireland: Volunteers Needed

Care Leavers Ireland are looking for volunteers to help out with

  • PR/ Social Media

  • Administrating the grants
  • Fundraising

All jobs within CLI are voluntary and it is our goal to spread the workload as evenly as possible.

Social Media and IT Volunteer

Role - a Social Media volunteer to promote, develop and maintain our online presence in order to maximise our impact and to promote ourselves as widely as possible

  • Help create and maintain a social media plan
  • Keeping our social media channels updated on a frequent basis
  • Encouraging others to comment on our posts and share them with others. Encouraging them to get involved with CLI.
  • Track the effectiveness of our social media work and recommend ways forward
  • An understanding of different types of marketing and communications media, including electronic and social media.
  • To be able to communicate effectively, be articulate, with strong writing skills and the ability to feedback accurately
  • Good understanding of confidentiality and GDPR
  • The ability to work equally well in a team and unsupervised
  • An interest in, knowledge of or willingness to learn about the social care system, in particular the needs of Care-Leavers
  • Ability to edit and update website would be welcome.
  • Someone with Care-Experience would be especially welcome

Applications Review Committee:

This small group of volunteers receive all the applications for CLI grants. They check with the applicants referee to ensure that the applicant meets the criteria for a grant and that the request is the most appropriate way in which ClI can support that individual. They make the decision to provide a grant.

How you can help:

Grant Applications Administrator. There are several tasks related to the grant process, they include 1. Receiving all the applications (online and hard copy), collating them and recording them on a spread sheet so none get mislaid and each is dealt with efficiently. We have a system at present, but you might have ideas to improve it. 2. Allocate applications to others on the team who will talk with the applicant’s referee. 3. Be part of the decision-making process and record the decision.

Reference checking. This job entails talking with the applicant’s referee and sometimes the applicant her/himself to ascertain that they meet the grant criteria and that their request best meets their need. They then make a recommendation. We do not look for or record many personal details, but the nature of this role does entail an awareness of confidentiality.

NB: With the help of the internet it is possible to share all these tasks thus reducing your time commitment

Fundraising Team:

Our experience is that people see the work we are doing for young adults leaving care as very positive. They easily understand the value of education and career training, the challenges facing care leavers to follow their dream and the gaps CLI are attempting to bridge.

The Fundraising Team provides the fuel for the service to exist and work. There are lots of ways to raise funds and depending on your skills one of these methods may be the challenge you are looking for.

Apart from enthusiasm, there is a great opportunity to develop and practice your networking and communication skills in any of these rolls.

Your role could include:

Getting others involved: Encouraging individuals or groups who are taking part in marathons, climbs, cycles and other organised events to do so on behalf of CLI.

Event organising: Organising events or projects specifically for CLI (or better still getting others to do the organising) These could include any of the above or bag packing in a supermarket, Pub quizzes, music nights or whatever your creative (devious) mind conjures up.

Research: Researching and applying to appropriate philanthropic foundations whose ethos supports CLI’s aims and values. Researching and talking to companies about adapting CLI as part of their corporate responsibility programme.

Serendipitous opportunities: This is simply taking advantage of opportunities to inform individuals or groups about the work of CLI that may lead to their getting involved or providing support. This could be financial, supporting an individual care leaver or through providing product.

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