South West Wexford Community Development Project: Board Members

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South West Wexford Family Resource Centre

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Membership on the board of this successful and long standing company is an opportunity to advance the interests of people of South West Wexford as SWWCDG is an empowering environment supporting positive change in all its programmes and activities. This opportunity carries with it a huge responsibility for board members to think and act in the interests of all of the community as opposed to their own individual interests.

Representation on the board of SWWCDG has been mainly held by local activists nominated individually and through organisations in the various villages and townslands for the catchment area. In latter years activists in the main have also been encouraged to become involved in the programmes and activities of SWWCDG at project level before taking a directorship. This enables directors to get a feel for the work of the project and to get to know staff and users of the centre in advance of taking a more central role in the governance of the company. However it is also in the remit of the board to co-opt members onto the board for their expertise and professionalism in certain areas as deemed necessary.

Role of Board Members @ Management Committee
Role of Board Members

Every board member has the following Responsibilities:

  • Commitment to the evolution of SWWCDG and support for its philosophy
  • Attendance at Board meetings
  • Shaping strategy for the development of the SWWCDG
  • Where necessary, deciding on strategic actions required to achieve SWWCDG’s objectives, ensuring that all activities are consistent with SWWCDG’s vision and core values
  • Representing the interests of all SWWCDG’s members as opposed to their own. Board members are elected democratically and are accountable to SWWCDG members who elected them
  • Serving on subgroups
  • Fulfilling all the legal members of the Board of Directors of a company limited by guarantee

Members serve a term of 3 years and may go forward to re-election. The Board meets at least 5 times a year and all matters discussed are treated as confidential. All elected Management Committee members are Directors of the limited company South West Wexford Community Development Project (SWWCDG) which is a limited company by guarantee and a tax exempt charity under Irish law.

The Board elects a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and any other officers as necessary.

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