Circles of Support and Accountability: Recruiting Volunteers

Circles of Support and Accountability Recruiting Volunteers

About PACE and Circle of Support and Accountability

PACE is a voluntary sector organisation that works in the community with people who have a variety of sentences (custodial and/or community sanctions) for a wide range of offences. PACE provides a wide range of service to support the safe reintegration of this client group into the community.

We are excited to be recruiting Volunteers for our prevention programme, Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) as featured on the RTE Would You Believe documentary Beyond Redemption which can be viewed on the RTE Player archive here .

CoSA is a community-based initiative operating on restorative justice principles. Working in partnership with the Probation Service, An Garda Siochána and other agencies, CoSA assists individuals who have been convicted of a serious sexual offence(s) in their efforts to live a life free of crime and harmful behaviour. The aim of the Circle is preventing further victims. A Circle of Support and Accountability is made up of an Inner Circle of 4-6 volunteers and Outer Circle of professionals working with the Core Member.

How do I learn more about Volunteering with CoSA?

If you would like to learn more about becoming a CoSA Volunteer please register for our Volunteer Information Session by completing the registration form here. We will confirm your registration. We welcome interest from both men and women and in order to have a gender balance we are particularly interested in hearing from male applicants. For more information on volunteering please visit our website

Please note that attendance at the Information Session is a requirement of the application process. Previous applicants need not apply.

What is involved in the Volunteer Role?

The role of the volunteer is to provide a community of support and accountability which encourages and supports the Core Member to live a life without causing further harm. Volunteers are members of the community who have been selected, screened, trained and placed by CoSA. Volunteers are asked to commit a minimum of one and a half hours per week for 12-14 months. You will be given intensive training for your role and will be provided with support throughout the time that you volunteer. For more information on Volunteering please visit our website

What skills, experience and qualities do Volunteers need?

We are looking for trustworthy, well-balanced people who are committed to the values of restorative justice and the belief in a shared responsibility for protecting people in our communities from sexual harm. You need to be 21 years of age or over.

Location of the Volunteer Role

Locations will vary and Volunteers need to be able to travel around the greater Dublin area by public transport or private vehicle.

Please contact Ingrid at or on 0874194322 (between 9am-4pm) if you have a query.

CoSA is funded by the Probation Service.



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