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Recruiting Recovery Education Facilitators

Recovery College South East is looking to recruit, train and support people with lived experience, family members and staff to co-produce and co-facilitate recovery and wellness educational Workshops in a variety of settings across Community Health Organisation 5, Carlow, Kilkenny , Waterford, South Tipperary, and Wexford

The Role Description

The Recovery College South East is an Advancing Recovery in Ireland (ARI) initiative, we co- produce and co-deliver educational workshops in wellness and recovery in mental health and addiction challenges.

ARI is a national HSE initiative and is aimed at developing a more recovery-orientated mental health services. Whilst the recovery process is highly individualised and has many definitions, recovery based services will typically give service users a more active role in their treatment, community engagement and support service users achieve their personal goals.

An important component of a more recovery based services is the availability, delivery and evaluation of recovery education for people using the services, their families and staff that work in the service, as well as those in our communities.

Purpose of the Role

To facilitate and co-produce recovery education to service users, family members, service providers and those in our community across CHO5 Carlow, Kilkenny , Waterford, South Tipperary, and Wexford

To promote the value of co-produced recovery education at all times in accordance with National Framework

Reporting structure:

Recovery College South East Co-ordinator.

Duties and Responsibility

  1. Co-produce recovery education workshops and lessons.
  2. Co- facilitate informal discussion groups that explore the idea of recovery and wellness topics.
  3. Co-facilitate recovery education workshops.
  4. Attend reflection meetings with your recovery education team
  5. Identify and attend training and workshops that will enhance and support you in your role.

Eligibility Criteria (must have one of the following)

  1. Have lived experience of living with mental and or addiction health challenges.
  2. Have experience of supporting a person living with mental health and or addiction challenges.
  3. A health care professional working in Mental Health, Substance Misuse and Social Inclusion.

Desirable Skills

  1. Good communication skills.
  2. Experience of group facilitation is desirable but not essential.
  3. Experience as working as part of a group/ team.
  4. Understanding of recovery is desirable but not essential.
  5. Understanding of adult education is desirable but not essential.
  6. The ability to share your lived experience to aid learning for others.
  7. Experience of co-production desirable but not essential.
  8. Experience of co-facilitating desirable but not essential.

Terms and conditions of the role

Conditions and Reimbursement for role of recovery educator is in line with the HSE Reimbursement Scheme for Service User, Family Members and Carers.

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