Voluntary Service International: Volunteer in Killarney National Park or in a Camphill Community

Volunteer in Killarney National Park or in a Camphill Community

About Voluntary Service International (VSI)

Voluntary Service International (VSI) is an Irish non-profit organisation working to promote social justice, sustainable development and intercultural understanding through volunteering. Every summer we organise several volunteering projects with local communities in Ireland and welcome national and international volunteers to work together.

Volunteers’ roles

Environmental protection in Killarney National Park

Would you like to spend 2 weeks in one of the most beautiful national parks in Ireland? Join our project on environmental protection in Killarney National Park and become one of a selected group of national and international volunteers allowed to spend a fortnight in the park!

Together with the park ranger, a team of 12 national and international volunteers of all ages (+18) and backgrounds and 2 project coordinators work on woodland conservation in wild areas of the park. Evenings and weekends are free to explore the surroundings and breath-taking landscapes, enjoy a swim in the lake, etc.

There are no specific skills required. Interest in environmental issues desired, as well as open-mindedness and willingness to learn from new cultures.

Project dates
3 June - 17 June
1 July - 14 July
29 July - 11 August
12 August - 25 August

Want to find out more? Watch this short video of our volunteers in Killarney National Park last summer (filmed by Eco Eye): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO1zJrWpCKY

Gardening & free time activities with people with disabilities

Cuisle Holiday Centre, Ballybay Camphill Community and Grangebeg Camphill Community are looking for 2 volunteers each for 2-week residential projects taking place during summer (July to September). The centres host people with physical and learning disabilities. Volunteers will socialise and interact with the guests/residents and accompany them in their free time activities. In Ballybay and Grangebeg Camphill Communities volunteers will also help staff and residents with gardening.

There are no specific skills required. Flexibility and ability to work independently will be appreciated.

Project dates
2 July - 13 July (Cuisle Holiday Centre, Co. Roscommon)
21 July - 4 August (Ballybay Camphill Community, Co. Monaghan)
23 July - 3 August (Cuisle Holiday Centre, Co. Roscommon)
26 August - 2 September (Grangebeg Camphill Community, Co. Kildare)

For more information, please contact Sylwia at ivp@vsi.ie.


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