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About Mary's Meals Ireland

Mary’s Meals is an international charity whose vision is that every child should have a daily meal in a place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things. Our idea is a simple one that works; we attract chronically hungry children to the classroom where they receive an education, which could be their route out of poverty.

We are currently feeding 1,230,171 children a daily meal in their place of education, in 15 different countries, spanning 4 continents. The average global cost to feed a child for an entire school year is €15.60, or 7c per meal. We work hard to keep our running costs low to ensure that at least 93c of every €1 donated to us is spent directly on our charitable activities. This is only possible because of the generous support of our volunteers, both at home and in our programme countries; we have over 80,000 volunteers in Malawi alone.

What's Involved

We are looking for people to join our global family of volunteers! We need people to spread the word of Mary’s Meals within their own communities and who can inspire and motivate others to support our cause. If you have a little time to spare, you enjoy meeting new like-minded people and you’d like to help chronically hungry children around the world, then our Community Ambassador role is perfect for you!

Volunteering to raise awareness could simply involve screening one of our documentaries to your friends and family or it could be to distribute and display our publicity material in your local area, such as in doctors’ surgeries or libraries. If you don’t mind public speaking, we can provide training for you to visit schools and other local organisations to give presentations and motivate support for our cause.

You would also be encouraged to fundraise for Mary’s Meals. Again, the range of activities involved in this aspect of the role are tailored to suit different skill sets and time constraints. Fundraising could be as simple as placing a collection can in your local shop, or it could be organising your own community fundraiser.

This role allows you to raise awareness in your own community in whatever way you feel comfortable and whenever suits your diary. This is a great opportunity to enhance your communication and/or event management skills, while also making a huge impact on the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children. Stand together with a global movement of people who do not accept that any child should go hungry!

Initial meetings with potential volunteers will be conducted in early March, with training to be held on Saturday 24th of March 2018. Ongoing support will be provided.Bottom of Form

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